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Connection needs are paramount to our health and wellbeing. Even though we’ve never been more connected via technology there seems paradoxically to be record levels of loneliness and frustration. When I refer to connection needs I mean acceptance; affection; appreciation; belonging; cooperation; communication; closeness; community; companionship; compassion; consideration; consistency; empathy; inclusion; intimacy; love; mutuality; nurturing; respect and self-respect; emotional safety; security; stability; support; to know and be known; to see and be seen; to understand and to be understood and of course trust and warmth.


Access Consciousness is a set of tools, processes and questions that enable people to create change in any area of their life that isn’t working for them.

What if the things you call problems and issues are possibilities to change direction that you have not yet acknowledged?

What if you are not having a problem, but an awareness? Are you willing to receive it?

What greatness and superpowers are depression; anxiety; ADHD, autism..…?

What if mental illnesses are capacities that you have not yet discovered?

And what if your insanity is the sanity that changes the world?

Would you be willing to ask a question or two and create new possibilities for you and the people around you? 


““The Access Bars changes everything in your reality and it creates a different possibility…………….how do you create a different possibility? Rather than functioning from, ‘ok this is the way it is.’ Are you willing to ask: What is possible here, that I have never even considered or chosen yet? It’s time now for the world to wake up. We’re at the place of change or die, either we change or the world dies, we change or the earth dies, we change or we die. We need to be more aware that we’re only preparing for a limited reality rather than a greater possibility.”

Gary Douglas Founder of Access Consciousness

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“Rachel has the ability to get to the core of issues quickly and cleanly. She has the capacity to reach deeply into a rich treasure trove of personal experiences in search of understanding a person’s unique situation. She will then be able to select from a wide range of sensitive and tailored responses to match a person’s need and aspirations. She is realistic: will talk straight; but will be sensitive to the potentials and possibilities for a person and a group.”

 Dr Don Beck Ph.D Global Center for Human Emergence

“It was so amazingly healing to hear about my design, so many things made sense after understanding where I come from and what I’m about. I now realise that my greatest gift to humanity is being myself and that I’ve always been okay by just being myself . That in itself is so awesome to know and a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Thank you so much, it was more helpful than I thought it would be.”

Vicky Ivanovic, Tantrawithlove

“Rachel has a unique and refreshing approach to life and relationships. Her wisdom and experience has been invaluable in enabling me to negotiate my personal relationships from a more enlightened perspective. I have found her support invaluable over the years and she is the first person I would turn to when in need of advice.”

Catherine Lucktaylor, Artist

“Rachel is a rare and dedicated source of insight and wisdom. She has helped me to access the deeper level of truth beneath the story I was telling myself about my relationship. Her questions have led me to take more responsibility and helped me to reach clarity so that I can make choices from a place of freedom.”

Juliet Mackenzie, Teacher

 “It’s only been 7 days since I had an Access Bars session with Rachel and in this short space of time I can honestly say things have shifted effortlessly. It’s been emotional, both uplifting and releasing. I have always struggled with receiving, being much more comfortable giving, this week I have been unconsciously more open to receive this has resulted in receiving a ‘peace offering’ from a very ex boyfriend after 2 years, receiving new information about difficult situations in my life which have now made things a lot clearer for me. I am looking forward to another session soon! Over the past 25 years I’ve been open to trying new holistic approaches and can wholeheartedly say Rachel’s approach, skills and session is in my top 3 practitioners.”

Majella Greene,


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