About Rachel Castagne

You know what it’s like when you’re feeling lost and not sure what you’re here for, without a sense of purpose? Or when you have a sense that something is missing? Well, I’m passionate about helping you find your way;  What if  you were never lost?

Through one to one sessions and groups I listen carefully to find the threads that can help you weave a brand new sense of purpose. To reconnect to your being and fully acknowledge and realize your gifts and talents so you can emerge strong and clear, with peace and purpose. This has been my life journey and I’d love to share this amazing process and tools with you.

One of the moments that set me on my path was the homebirth of my daughter, in a birthing pool in front of the fire. It feels like women have been trained to distrust our bodies and yet in that moment I discovered the power of trust, despite what our minds might say. It was the release of ancestral and karmic wounding, the leaning into the body and trusting the process for support and nurturing. It was the beginning of realizing that our body is our friend. This and other powerful moments led me on my path of discovery through many healing modalities and creative channels. The outcome has been a rich life of healing and contributing to the wonderful women who long for inner peace and purpose.

Just a few years ago, my stained glass studio where I made mandalas burned to the ground. To this day it feels like all that was destroyed makes way for the creation of something greater. I have learned to trust that the phoenix is rising from the ashes and to trust the unknown, emergent process of supporting transformation in myself and others.

I am fascinated by the nourishment and creativity that women gain access to by gathering together and being present to their innate creative potential. Through creating circles of presence, the space and consciousness of healing and empowerment, pure magic happens. I delight in creating the space and being the space that allows these gatherings to happen. As a result, you get to try things you would have never considered before, to see yourself as much bigger than you have ever allowed yourself to be. You find yourself saying ‘yes’ to so much more and being more resilient than you ever could have believed.

Your trust in yourself, your own awareness, spirit and all that surrounds you (visible and invisible) will deepen so you will feel connected, part of something greater. It’s about fully being in the flow of life!

What if you weren’t wrong? What if you were just different?

What would your life and living become if you had gratitude for who you truly BE?


If you would like to learn more about how you can access this greatness in you – or join a group of incredible women – please contact me to explore:


or info@createconnexion.com


“Rachel has the ability to get to the core of issues quickly and cleanly. She has the capacity to reach deeply into a rich treasure trove of personal experiences in search of understanding a person’s unique situation. She will then be able to select from a wide range of sensitive and tailored responses to match a person’s need and aspirations. She is realistic: will talk straight; but will forever be sensitive to the potentials and possibilities for a person and/or group.”

Dr Don Beck, Ph.D Global Center for Human Emergence

“You have always been ahead of your time and true inspiration for me. You have showed me alternative ways of being in the world and have helped me to reach a deeper level of connection and have encouraged me to connect with others in a more truthful, honest and open way.  You are on the cutting edge of personal development, a real catalyst for change, shining a light and introducing me to ideas and concepts that I would never have come across otherwise.”

Catherine Lucktaylor, Ceramics Artist and Mother


“Magic is believing in yourself, if you can do that you can make anything happen” Goethe