Values Matter (part 3):

At the base of Flawless Living is the understanding that values cluster around core attractors (an ‘attractor’ is an idea, thought, vision capable of capturing a system’s “attention” and temporarily drawing that system into an iterative pattern of behaviour based around the attractor: a value meme is an attractor). Understanding these core attractors gives us an edge in terms of competency.  [Read more...]

A World of Values in Colours: Spiral Dynamics Value Systems

Given my fascination with Values and the Spiral, and the work of Dr Clare Graves and subsequently Dr Don Beck, I have lost count of the number of times a friend or new found acquaintance has asked me: ‘What’s that theory of colours you keep talking about?’

So, I could hardly blog about Values Matter without covering the theory of Spiral Dynamics, which is all about different value systems. [Read more...]

Lessons From Las Vegas 9 (part 1): Values Matter

This is by far the most complex element of the Flawless Living Operating System: you will need the other two elements in the ‘Competence Pillar’ to ground this in your everyday life. The ‘Competence Pillar’ is made up of three elements:

“When we know our values we can design with competence.” [Read more...]

The Endorphin Effect

In 1972 Candace Pert identified the ‘opiate receptor’, that part of the cell which accepts and then reacts with the pain killers opium and morphine: realising that if the body had ‘receptors’ for these drugs then perhaps they were naturally produced within the body itself, it was not long before ‘endorphins’ (endogenous morphine – morphine produced within the body itself) were discovered. Since then over twenty types of endorphin have been discovered within the nervous system, part of a family of chemicals known as neuropeptides, which carry information around the body. [Read more...]

The Physiology of Stress

When people are stressed a large percentage of their energy is not available for the job at hand; in order to cope with stress we can literally leave our bodies as they become very unpleasant places to hang out in. Even should we manage to stay present, large chunks of energy are used in managing the stress both inside our system and in our environment.

For every human body, the cascading chemical dance that determines health and well being rests with the proper interplay of three major hormones: insulin, adrenalin and cortisol. Because of the stress, pollutants and diet that make up modern life, all three of these hormones tend to be over-secreted. By bringing the major hormones back into balance you can balance all your hormones. [Read more...]