The Throat Center in Human Design

The ability to grow into who we are designed to be, rather than react through the not-self to the demands made upon us by Society, is totally dependant on our uncovering and being our authentic self.


In the BodyGraph you will notice (go to and click on the ‘Get your free Rave Chart’ tab to see your own BodyGraph) that there are some gates that have a line coming off them- these are ‘activated gates’ in the chart and the way the gates are configured is what determines how the center operates, how we experience it within us and how it interacts with the people and environment around us.

Wherever there is a black or red line linking one center to another you will notice that both centers are coloured in (in Human Design language, both centers have ‘definition’ or are defined). In some places you will notice that there is a line that goes half way or a little way out towards another center, but it’s not connected… these are known as Active gates if they are within a coloured in center and Dormant gates if within an undefined (white) center.

A defined center is like a hub of consistent energy within us- this is energy that we can rely on as we always have access to it (as long as we aren’t caught up in the ‘Not-Self’ mind). Definition within Human Design is like the energy frequency of our differentiated self, which is communicated to others simply by our presence or Being.


An undefined or white center is a place of vulnerability where one is open to opportunities for learning and the conditioning forces of those around us… an undefined center in a chart has one or more Dormant gates- Dormant gates ‘hang out’ waiting to be ‘sparked’ by an electromagnetic connection ie the gate at the other end of the channel. As the dormant gate filters or directs the incoming energy towards the undefined center, it makes us more aware of its presence within us.


A completely open center is similar to an undefined center characteristically but different in that without any dormant gates there is NO familiar or consistent theme or feeling to grasp which connects us to our self. This kind of openness can leave one confused and vulnerable to conditioning. Remember that those with an undefined center actually experience an amplification of the information that pours through that centers energy field. For example, I have an undefined Solar Plexus, which means I experience the feelings and emotions in the ‘field’ of consciousness/people around me as an amplification of their emotions- ironically this can look like I am the emotional one in a conversation when the feelings I’m expressing often don’t even belong to me.


“If we think of the BodyGraph as the map of a town, the Throat Center would be the Town Square: as the central and most complex of the nine centers, all energy flowing through the BodyGraph is under tremendous pressure to get to the Throat to be communicated or acted upon.”

Example Human Design Chart

Example Human Design BodyGraph



72% of the population has a Defined Throat Center.

A healthy throat center speaks from it’s reliable source of definition.

If the throat is connected to the Ajna, one speaks one’s mind, or what one is thinking,

if the Throat is connected to the solar plexus one speaks/acts on emotions or what one is feeling;

if connected to the Spleen one speaks spontaneously from an intuitive knowing in the moment;

if connected to the G center one speaks from personal identity and direction, from the higher self.


The Primary Function of Throat Center is manifestation through communication, expressing who we are, what we are thinking and feeling, learning and creating, what we know or want to contribute, and what we have seen and heard or can say to empower others to trust their own Awareness, Strategy and Authority.


One’s ability to communicate effectively ensures the quality of our relationships, and also our survival.

Language and communication are not about telling others what to do.

They are about how to manifest or make ourselves known to others in unique ways so they can interact with what we are saying and doing.

Through communicating before acting we can see what’s viable and what isn’t.


Due to so much pressure to speak and do at the throat many people are prone to either act or say things too soon or too late. By knowing your voice(s) and what you are here to express or do- as well as which gates are open to amplification, you can relax and wait for the proper moment to engage others in ways that are correct and fulfilling to you.


Golden rule: Follow your Strategy and Authority and the timing will always be perfect.


This is how your words and actions will be received with their full impact, without resistance, confusion or distortion.


The Secondary Function of the Throat Center is manifestation as action. Manifestation is possible when there’s a Motor connected to the Throat – those with this kind of definition are true doers who can set things in motion (except Manifesting Generators who can only initiate action in response)


Those with a Throat center connected to a motor can always ‘do’ or manifest but that doesn’t mean they always should! Having the throat connected to a motor can fuel the urge to talk or do too much or to give energy away to every impulse.

When they confidently rely on their Strategy and Authority, and know where their voice comes from, people with a defined throat center can manifest their truth with ease, honesty and clarity.


The Undefined Throat Center (28% of population)


The not-self theme of the undefined throat Center is ‘trying to attract attention’. Those with an undefined throat Center are afraid they won’t be noticed, so the not-self mind jumps at any chance to think up ways to attract attention. They can easily succumb to undefined pressure to talk, to act to make an impression, to interrupt, to be the life and soul of the party…. They don’t realize that open throat centers naturally attract attention and if they wait invitations to speak will come to them. If they follow their strategy and authority they will receive the proper attention at the most opportune time, with no need to waste precious energy doing or saying something to move the process along. In reducing the urgent pressure they feel to speak, they reduce the pressure on their vocal chords.


When around others with a defined throat center they may feel uncomfortable and end up doing most of the talking to relieve the pressure….these people have a tendency to spend a lot of mental energy figuring out what they are going to say next and then say something completely unexpected/suprising/uncomfortable….

They cannot plan what they will say with any consistency.

They can also experience the amplified pressure to speak at the Throat center when conditioned by other people who have a defined throat- if they succumb then what they say will be unpredictable and likely not well received by others.



Source: The Definitive Book of Human Design, Lynda Bunnell & Ra Uru Hu



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