Lessons From Las Vegas 12: Culture is Key

The final element of the Flawless Living Operating System (FLOS) is an acknowledgement of just how important culture is. You could be a highly capable person, yet if your own motives and values naturally oppose the culture you live within, being both happy AND successful will prove to be a tremendous challenge. [Read more...]

Lessons From Las Vegas 11: Recalibrate Often

This element is relatively simple to understand, although it may not be so easy to do: to recalibrate defined is to adapt, amend or correct mid-course; to mutate, revamp, shift or transform. It is one thing to be clear on your purpose, your strengths (talents + knowledge + skills + experience), it is another essential to know where you are now and where you want to be and yet another to know the values that matter to you. Keeping score is essential to take the guesswork and fantasy (pretense) out and to make sure one’s feet are planted firmly on the ground. [Read more...]

Lessons From Las Vegas 10: Keep Score

Continuing with the 12 elements of Flawless Living that I was immersed in during my Vegas trip last August, I arrive at element 10, possibly my least favourite, because I don’t do it naturally and all my associations with keeping score seem to be connected with the pain of keeping track of objective metrics. At a very basic level Keeping Score is as simple as balancing the chequebook and being aware of one’s financial reality: are my incomings exceeding my outgoings on a month to month basis, or am I steadily getting into ever increasing debt/overdraft? [Read more...]

Values Matter (part 3):

At the base of Flawless Living is the understanding that values cluster around core attractors (an ‘attractor’ is an idea, thought, vision capable of capturing a system’s “attention” and temporarily drawing that system into an iterative pattern of behaviour based around the attractor: a value meme is an attractor). Understanding these core attractors gives us an edge in terms of competency.  [Read more...]

A World of Values in Colours: Spiral Dynamics Value Systems

Given my fascination with Values and the Spiral, and the work of Dr Clare Graves and subsequently Dr Don Beck, I have lost count of the number of times a friend or new found acquaintance has asked me: ‘What’s that theory of colours you keep talking about?’

So, I could hardly blog about Values Matter without covering the theory of Spiral Dynamics, which is all about different value systems. [Read more...]

Lessons From Las Vegas 9 (part 1): Values Matter

This is by far the most complex element of the Flawless Living Operating System: you will need the other two elements in the ‘Competence Pillar’ to ground this in your everyday life. The ‘Competence Pillar’ is made up of three elements:

“When we know our values we can design with competence.” [Read more...]