The Seven Mysteries

Journey Through the Seven Levels

Most people seem to think that when we’re born we just get here; there’s not a general understanding that as spirits becoming embodied in matter we arrive over time. My understanding is that when we are born our souls or spirits enter into our physical body over time as layer upon layer of the subtle bodies or sheaths arrive in fuller formation as we grow through the years. I’m 42 and I’m still getting here, yet I’m more here, now than I’ve ever been.

When we arrive from the Spirit world we have a tenuous relationship to our physical body, this is manifest in that we have to grow into being able to use our physical body: for the first few years we are completely dependant on our parents or other carers to enable us to get our needs met, we have to learn to crawl, to walk, to co-ordinate our limbs, to communicate etc etc…

The subtle bodies are well known to healers and those with higher sense perception: Barbera Anne Brennan talks about them in Hands of Light, Caroline Myss has written a book bout them called Anatomy of the Spirit and Grahame Martin talks about it in The Seven Mysteries.

A Personal Journey

Journeying through the seven levels has been a profound process of evolving consciousness and getting to know myself. I have found aspects of myself I didn’t even know existed, connecting my inner experience of unfolding awareness (alternating with blocks to that awareness, otherwise known as ‘shadow’) with how life shows up for me in the outer world.

Having been on the journey of personal development and healing for 20 years, I guess I have been into change and transformation for half my life… nothing really compares with the journey through the seven levels, it has enabled me to go both deeper and wider in scope than rebirthing, community building, homeopathy, theatre of fooling and dancing the divine all combined…

It is so much more than intellectual or emotional or spiritual understanding, transcending and including all of these elements. Through this practice and Grahame’s compassionate teaching I have learned to get curious bout aspects and elements I was previously critical of… I now have a structure for exploring the inner dimensions SAFELY.

Grahame holds the safety of the group as paramount, yet he makes it clear we are all responsible for maintaining the coherence of the space, his warm and compassionate guidance and wealth of information have allowed both my intellect and my many psychological selves to find a home in this space of the here and now.

Don’t do this course if you do not want to change… and be prepared to make friends with your enemies and your situation as it is currently manifesting in your life. I can promise that life will never look quite the same again… if you are frustrated with the gap between your awareness and your ability to embody your own wisdom, this journey is a powerful and effective way to both discover and move through whatever is currently blocking your progress and potential.

This is a great course for those who find it difficult to get beyond the material planes and also for those who are more at home in the spirit realms and struggle to understand how they work in the world of matter… it creates a space where more of your spirit can ‘drop in’ and be NOW HERE, instead of nowhere.

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