Energy Medicine

This workshop is designed help you recognise different kinds of stress and to use techniques and practices that deliver immediate relief AND convert the energy that would have been tied up in stress to enhance performance. If that sounds too good to be true, consider this: do you think a neurosurgeon or a top athlete doesn’t experience stress? Of course they do, but a key difference between some one at the top of their game and anyone else is their ability to identify and convert their stress BEFORE it becomes overwhelming.

These skills are taught in one or two full days or as a series of  weekly sessions. Used as a regular practice they will ensure that you never succumb to chronic stress and actually achieve more than you had previously thought possible. Even if you are chronically stressed already, this workshop will show you how to manage and reduce your stress and then to increase your capacity.

The workshop uses a combination of theory and experiential learning including:

  • The physiology of stress and adrenal fatigue
  • The relaxation response, why it isn’t automatic and how to invoke it
  • Introducing different techniques for instant and long-lasting relief
  • The Daily Energy Routine that optimises the body-mind interface for improved performance in memory, concentration and energy levels.
  • The Endorphin Effect and how to build your reservoir of natural opiates in the body, ready for deployment whenever you are in stress or pain, to build resilience and increase capacity

By the end of the workshop participants will:

  • Understand the origins of stress and the relationship between external events and internal physiological and psychological processes
  • Recognise how thoughts are converted into actions impacting relationships & health
  • Recognise different types of stress and how to respond effectively
  • Know how to develop a reservoir of ‘feel good’ hormones, for greater resilience
  • Know how to develop a daily routine that keeps stress under control indefinitely AND increases capability and capacity