Lessons From Las Vegas 10: Keep Score

Continuing with the 12 elements of Flawless Living that I was immersed in during my Vegas trip last August, I arrive at element 10, possibly my least favourite, because I don’t do it naturally and all my associations with keeping score seem to be connected with the pain of keeping track of objective metrics. At a very basic level Keeping Score is as simple as balancing the chequebook and being aware of one’s financial reality: are my incomings exceeding my outgoings on a month to month basis, or am I steadily getting into ever increasing debt/overdraft? [Read more...]

Values Matter (part 3):

At the base of Flawless Living is the understanding that values cluster around core attractors (an ‘attractor’ is an idea, thought, vision capable of capturing a system’s “attention” and temporarily drawing that system into an iterative pattern of behaviour based around the attractor: a value meme is an attractor). Understanding these core attractors gives us an edge in terms of competency.  [Read more...]

A World of Values in Colours: Spiral Dynamics Value Systems

Given my fascination with Values and the Spiral, and the work of Dr Clare Graves and subsequently Dr Don Beck, I have lost count of the number of times a friend or new found acquaintance has asked me: ‘What’s that theory of colours you keep talking about?’

So, I could hardly blog about Values Matter without covering the theory of Spiral Dynamics, which is all about different value systems. [Read more...]

Lessons From Las Vegas 9 (part 1): Values Matter

This is by far the most complex element of the Flawless Living Operating System: you will need the other two elements in the ‘Competence Pillar’ to ground this in your everyday life. The ‘Competence Pillar’ is made up of three elements:

“When we know our values we can design with competence.” [Read more...]