The Throat Center in Human Design

The ability to grow into who we are designed to be, rather than react through the not-self to the demands made upon us by Society, is totally dependant on our uncovering and being our authentic self.


In the BodyGraph you will notice (go to and click on the ‘Get your free Rave Chart’ tab to see your own BodyGraph) that there are some gates that have a line coming off them- these are ‘activated gates’ in the chart and the way the gates are configured is what determines how the center operates, how we experience it within us and how it interacts with the people and environment around us.

Wherever there is a black or red line linking one center to another you will notice that both centers are coloured in (in Human Design language, both centers have ‘definition’ or are defined). In some places you will notice that there is a line that goes half way or a little way out towards another center, but it’s not connected… these are known as Active gates if they are within a coloured in center and Dormant gates if within an undefined (white) center.

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